Castillion - The Board Game

Can you change the course of history?

Have you learned your lessons well?

Will you succeed where others failed?

The characters and families of Castillion are at your command.

Game Overview

Castillion is a game for 2 to 6 players, where you can play either as the Emperor, 1 of the 4 Kings or as the invading Horde. Collaborate with your allies or forge your own future through skillful diplomacy, trade or war. Harness the capabilities of the characters that shape this land or reap the vengeance of those that love this land more than you...

Playing The Game

Castillion is the struggle between an Empire in its infancy and an ancient nomadic foe that feeds on the wealth created by other civilisations. However this fascinating 2 player game develops further as up to an additional 4 players are introduced to play the roles of the Kings,  whose territories and capabilities are integral to the Empire's development. 

Make Your Own Game

Castillion is available to buy, see our shop, however due to the huge demand for the game from devotees both young and old, Ovadia intends to make it possible to down load the rules under licence and make the board and playing pieces yourself...